500 West Hotel in San Diego

I knew that there was a total of 3 hotels I’ve stayed at in San Diego, and I wasn’t going to write the review for this one until I remembered the name.

So now that I remembered the name of it, here is my review. I stayed here in the fall of 2008. Its in the heart of downtown San Diego, and its also connected to an old YMCA building. You have the option of staying in a hostel with several other people of the same gender, or having your own private room. I chose to have my own private room. The hallways have a funny odor. The room was very small. I payed about $42 for the night. There were some obnoxious people next door who acted as if they were musicians when clearly they weren’t (they made up lyrics to some “songs” with a guitar as they went along; they were just screwing around. It sounded like they were mocking republicans or something.)

Some people have described this place as “gross”. I think that’s too strong of a description. When I stayed there, there did not seem to be a presence of any kind of bugs or rodents. Some stayers have complained about bed bugs.

If you’re on a budget and you just want to stay in the heart of San Diego, I recommend this place. Its location and price are what make it worthwhile, as well as its decent conditions.

I’m interested in staying at the 500 West Hotel in downtown San Diego.

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