The greyhound station in Las Vegas

The greyhound station in Las Vegas is a shithole, and so is the one in L.A. but that shouldn’t be surprising. That is a ghetto charter bus which should probably cease to be, sooner or later unless they really clean up its image. I noticed that there were baby rouches crawling on the drinking fountain the last time I was in Vegas. Yuck! I stayed there for hours waiting for a bus one time and I was woken up by some lady who panhandled for a living. She went around the whole station asking for ‘spare change’ and once she figured that the staff noticed her, she ran off. This same lady repeated everthing I just described a few hours later wearing different colored clothes to not be recognized as easily. What an awful life she must have, but people like her should be arrested.

The greyhound stations in Minneapolis, Denver, and Seattle were noticeable more decent for some reason.

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